Dale Murray has proven himself to be one of the most talented and versatile musicians on the Canadian music scene. After releasing his debut album Brighter Lives, Darker Side and spending seven years backing some of Canada’s greatest talents (Hayden, Cuff The Duke,Joel Plaskett, Buck 65, Christina Martin, Matt Mays) in the studio and on the road, Murray released his sophomore studio album Dream Mountain Dream. This pop work of art is sure to endure with fans of , George Harrison and Brian Wilson. The album reflects Murray’s turn to developing his own musical talents as an acclaimed Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Audio Engineer and top-tier session musician in every genre. Dale Murray is one of those rare producers who’s developed his own signature ‘sound’ and Dream Mountain Dream defines that sound with grace and soul.


Christina Martin is a multi-award winning Canadian singer-songwriter whose style has been described as an effortless union between Americana and Rock. “With her vivacious personality, brightly sparkling voice and unerring love of hooky choruses and peppy rhythms, Christina Martin should’ve easily slid into the cool waters of modern pop—if only pop hadn’t become a pimp for our shallowest tastes and sentiments.” (Edmonton’s Vue Weekly).